Market High-Quality Yarns More Easily

Com4 is the Rieter brand for high-quality yarns – these are first-class yarns that are produced on Rieter end spinning machines. Rieter customers can apply for a Com4 license and as soon as internal checks have been carried out, they will benefit in two different ways.

For quality yarns, Rieter has introduced the Com4 brand, which offers a distinguishing feature and a competitive advantage. Customers who spin quality yarns on Rieter end spinning machines can benefit in two ways – firstly from efficient machines, and secondly from a range of measures for marketing their yarns.

The way to achieve this is simple: Interested customers apply for a Com4 license and once Rieter has carried out internal checks, they will be able to use the brand for their marketing. Licensees agree to maintain their machines in accordance with Rieter specifications and comply with Rieter quality standards. This way, Com4 ensures reliability with weavers, knitters and yarn traders regarding yarn quality and quality consistency.

Com4 is marketed via various different channels. For example: In June 2019, Rieter allowed its Com4 licensees to present their products at the Com4 booth at the ITMA trade fair in Barcelona. There, it quickly became clear: Apparel manufacturers are extremely interested in these yarns, and above all in obtaining the contact details of yarn producers. Quality yarns are also the main interest at smaller trade fairs, seminars and customer open days. The contact details of spinning mills – whether in China, India or elsewhere – are also in focus there.

Posts on social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter, press releases and specialist articles, as well as a list of all licensees on the Rieter website complete the Com4 package.