Perfect Fiber and Spinning Preparation for Air-Jet Yarn

Many levers for high yarn quality are already set in fiber and spinning preparation and have an effect right through to the end product. That is why MEM Textile relies completely on Rieter machines for fiber and spinning preparation in its air-jet spinning mills.

The Challenge

MEM Textile has the claim to deliver consistently high quality with maximum productivity to meet the expectations of its demanding customers. Many levers for high yarn quality are already set in fiber and spinning preparation and have an effect right through to the end product. That is why MEM Textile needs machines which ideally prepare the sliver for the air-jet spinning machines with highest productivity. At the same time the company has to react quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions. Low energy consumption, optimized raw material utilization and a high level of automation are a must in times of rising energy and raw material prices and a shortage of well-trained personnel.  

The Solution 

From the bale opener UNIfloc A 12 to the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50 MEM Textile is convinced of the Rieter machines for fiber and spinning preparation for their air-jet lines. With the precision blender UNIblend A 81 the company produces precise blends. For blended yarns with combed cotton, the combing preparation E 36 and the combers E 75 are used. With the Rieter draw frames SB-D 50 and RSB-D 50, MEM Textile can flexibly produce either with high productivity or focus on quality depending on the raw material and application.

The Customer's Benefits

Each Rieter machine contributes to energy-efficiency, optimized raw material utilization as well as efficient and economic production and helps MEM Textile to stay competitive. The precision blender UNIblend A 81 can be highlighted specially for its contribution to the flexible production of blends with highest precision. One A 81 can produce up to four different blends and, as a result, is able to feed up to four different carding lines. The continuous mass feeding of the different raw material components guarantee a deviation of the blending ratios of less than 1% which is particularly important for MEM Textile’s blended yarns or for extreme blend compositions in the range of 98/2%. 

The Rieter combers together with the combing preparation system OMEGAlap E 36 are the ideal preparation for high-quality blended yarns with combed cotton. Regardless of raw material and lap diameter, the E 36 has a constant production speed of 230 m/min. This allows the supply of very economic combing sets ‒ one OMEGAlap E 36 supplies up to eight combers E 75. 

With excellent scanning precision and highest leveling dynamics, the autoleveler draw frames RSB-D 50 ensure outstanding sliver evenness for constantly high yarn and fabric quality. With the patented drive concept ECOrized, 25% of the belts and drive elements are saved compared to the previous model which makes a major contribution to energy-efficiency. Operators easily set the delivery and coiler speed, suction intensity and draft on the touchscreen via frequency-controlled drives. The SLIVERprofessional expert system on the touchscreen enables a rapid assortment changeover at optimal sliver quality. As a result, frequent lot changes can be made quickly – also by less well-trained personnel. The draw frames RSB-D 50 serve as the last quality gate to eliminate faults and deliver a perfectly prepared sliver to the air-jet spinning machines thanks to the Rieter Quality Monitor.  

We have maintained a warm relationship with Rieter for almost 25 years and feel the power of Rieter behind us in all our projects. We get prompt service and fast technical and mechanical support. Thanks to Rieter machines, we always achieve the same high quality which directly affects the quality of the end product.Mr. Halil Çetin, Mill Manager

About MEM Textile

MEM Textile is among the largest integrated manufacturers of the textile sector in Turkey. The company started operation in 1998 with a ring spinning mill and has expanded and diversified with new investments over time. Today, MEM Textile provides services to the leading fashion brands of the world with the production of ring, rotor and air-jet yarn as well as subsequent process stages as knitting, dyeing and digital printing possibilities. In its two air-jet spinning mills, MEM Textile relies completely on Rieter machines for fiber and spinning preparation. There, the company produces yarns from 100% viscose, modal and Tencel as well as 100% combed cotton mélange yarns and different blends.  

MEM Textile