Producing Mélange Yarns with a Rieter Ring Spinning System

Oğuz Tekstil operates whole Rieter ring spinning systems including four precision blender UNIblend A 81 to produce mélange yarns. The woven fabrics have a perfectly uniform color.

Watch the reference video to learn more about how Oğuz Tekstil benefits from Rieter machines in the production of mélange yarns.

The Challenge

The challenge in the production of mélange yarns is to keep the blending ratio of the colored raw materials constant to achieve a homogeneous appearance of the yarn and fabric. This is especially important if only one raw material in the blend is colored or when different colors are blended. It requires machines in fiber preparation which are able to supply the same color shade over a long period of time. At the same time, flexibility is needed, as market requirements change quickly.             

The Solution

Oğuz Tekstil operates whole Rieter ring spinning systems including four precision blender UNIblend A 81. The A 81 sets the highest standards for multi-component blends by ensuring continuous mass feeding of the respective raw material components. A deviation of the blending ratios of less than 1% is guaranteed which meets the demands for mélange yarn blending and also enables extreme blend compositions in the range of 98/2%. Recently, Oğuz Tekstil installed its fourth UNIblend A 81. The ring spinning machine G 38 is an all-rounder that stands for full flexibility for the production of standard and special yarns. Yarn parameters can be easily changed on the operating unit thanks to the fully electronic drafting system.

The Customer's Benefits

With the precision blending system from Rieter a homogeneous appearance of the yarn and fabric is achieved. The ring spinning machines produce with a low number of ends down because of the uniform distribution of the different fibers in the yarn cross-section. The excellent yarn quality also improves the efficiency in downstream processes. There are fewer stoppages in the weaving mill thanks to consistent tenacity and few thin places in the yarn. The fabrics have a very good appearance with perfectly uniform color. One A 81 can produce up to four different blends and, as a result, is able to feed up to four different carding lines. This increases flexibility: Oğuz Tekstil can respond quickly to the needs of its customers and adapt easily according to the changing requirements of the market. With a Rieter system from fiber preparation to end-spinning, Oğuz Tekstil benefits from having just one contact person for their whole spinning mill. Added to this are correct maintenance, high-quality genuine parts, and extensive technological expertise throughout the yarn production process.

We have chosen Rieter as our business partner in all our investments up to now, because we always feel Rieter’s power by our side in terms of technical, technological and service matters.Mr. Mustafa Kayan, Manager Oğuz Tekstil

About Oğuz Tekstil

Oğuz Tekstil is an integrated spinning mill based in Adana, Turkey, with the largest production capacity of polyester-viscose fabrics in the region. The company produces 40 tons of yarn per day on 40 Rieter ring spinning machines G 35 and G 38 with a total of almost 70 000 spindles, mainly in the yarn count range of Ne 20 to Ne 50. With its weaving mills they reach a daily capacity of 100 000 meters of fabric. 

Mustafa Kayan

Oğuz Tekstil