Rieter and Recover: Cooperation in the Field of Recycling

International governments and downstream consumers call for greater cooperation in the textile industry for a circular economy. It is becoming more significant to make a combined effort with other major stakeholders in different areas to respond to the increasing demand for transition.

Rieter and Recover agreed to join hands for technological advancements and research projects in the field of recycling. Both parties will work together to conduct trials and initiatives with various recycled raw materials and blends to build a solid foundation for textile circularity.

Rieter has high competence in customized spinning systems for staple fibers including recycled materials and Recover has developed its expertise in processing and applying high-quality recycled fibers. Both parties are expected to create synergies by improving the processing of pre-and post-consumer recycling materials.

In a trial, high-quality yarn was produced with recycled material from Recover with Rieter ring spinning machines.

About Recover

Recover is a leading materials science company and global producer of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and cotton fiber blends. Its premium, environmentally friendly, and cost-competitive products are created in partnership with the supply chain for global retailers and brands, offering a sustainable solution to achieve circular fashion for all. As a fourth-generation, family-owned company, and backed by recent investment from STORY3 Capital and Goldman Sachs, Recover is on a mission to scale its proprietary technology to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and partner with brands/retailers and other change-makers to meet the industry’s sustainability targets.

For more information, visit www.recoverfiber.com.

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