Spin High-Quality Ring Yarns Economically and Flexibly

If a spinning mill wants to spin a wide variety of different high-quality yarns, Rieter recommends the ring spinning system. Whether the spinning mill produces standard yarns from various raw materials and in all yarn counts, or fancy yarns, core yarns or twin yarns, a ring spinning system always offers the most flexible solution. With the Rieter compacting device on the ring spinning machine, it is even possible to quickly switch between ring yarn and compact yarn. No other spinning technology offers the same flexibility for enabling customers to respond to the particular market requirements.

The economical advantage of a Rieter ring spinning system can be seen in a comparison. Here, a “mixed system” consisting of machines from two different manufacturers was contrasted with a Rieter system. The initial situation was the same for both systems. Slub yarn with a yarn count of Ne 14 was spun from cotton with a staple length of 11/16 in, at a production rate of 2 078 kg yarn per hour.

In addition to the economic advantages, Rieter also offers expert advice on the optimal spinning technology. The entire spinning mill is networked and controlled from a single platform with ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite. This guarantees high quality and optimal efficiency, both now and in the future.