Preventive Maintenance Packages

Preventive Maintenance Packages are bundles of parts offered for use in overhauls of Rieter machines, from fiber to spinning preparation and end spinning.
  1. Maximum uptime
  2. Easy planning of preventive maintenance
  3. Original quality parts with considerably lower price
Preventive Maintenance Package Draw frame

Maximum uptime

Fiercely competitive market conditions mean that yarn producers have to minimize production stops. One planned maintenance overhaul operation is less costly than several small urgent production stoppages. Rieter offers Preventive Maintenance Packages to help producers stay one step ahead of competition by maximizing uptime.

Preventive Maintenance Packages Increase your plant availability

Preventive Approach

Rieter machines are renowned for their outstanding performance. But even the best equipment needs replacement parts now and then. The Preventive Maintenance Packages include parts that are most often required to be replaced in overhauls on machines which have been running for a specific period of time. This enables yarn producers to easily plan ahead their preventive maintenance.

Customized Modular Concept

The Preventive Maintenance Package is a modular offering which consists of:

  • a customer specific maintenance package including all the necessary parts to reduce downtime to a minimum
  • conditional recommended parts to further complete your maintenance package and reach maximum uptime
  • maintenance service, available upon request, with Rieter specialists installing the preventive maintenance package and performing the necessary settings

Manfred Rosenbach

Head Product Manager at Parts
Klosterstrasse 20