Clothing for Blowroom

Wires and stationary flats – excellent raw material utilization
  1. Operator-friendly adjustable settings
  2. Consistently high sliver quality
  3. Up to 20% increased machine uptime

Product Details

Operator-friendly adjustable settings and intensive mixing of the fibers increases the raw material utilization. Designed for durability and resilience, they also offer an exceptionally long lifetime. Graf clothing is suitable for cotton, man-made and regenerated fibers and will work across a wide range of blowroom applications.

Blowroom wires for openers and cleaners

In blowroom machines, wires open the pressed fibers to produce fiber tufts. At the same time, trash – such as dust and seed-coat fragments – is released.  Graf's exceptionally efficient metallic card clothing for opener and for feed rollers ensures a high degree of opening and cleaning of the processed fibers thanks to the durable design. Fibers are processed efficiently and cleaned gently, right from the start of the process.  

With coarser or heavily soiled fibers, customers can achieve more intensive cleaning with a larger working angle. If processing fine fibers, or fibers that are already particularly clean, customers can use metallic clothing with a smaller working angle. 

Stationary flat clothing for pre-opening systems

Precise stationary flat clothing, also known as carding segments, provides optimized waste separation in the blowroom thanks to the optimized tooth geometry. The gentle pre-carding offered by Graf stationary flats enables the fine opening of tufts and enhanced removal of trash. 

The overall advantage with Graf stationary flat clothing is the simple and smooth application across all the common systems customers may be using.  


Clothing for Spinning – Brochure