Stationary Flats

Improved opening of fibers even before they enter the pre-carding zone
  1. Simple and smooth application across all common systems
  2. Exceptional quality delivered
  3. Extended lifetime

Product Details

Graf stationary flat clothing ensures that fibers are processed to the highest quality and that the carding works more effectively in three zones: for the pre-opening, the pre-carding and the post-carding zone.


Graf stationary flats ensure a simple and smooth application across all known fixing systems, with exceptional quality delivered throughout the extended lifetime of each product.

Graf stationary flat clothing

The unique Swiss-engineered Graf stationary flat clothing is designed to improve the opening of fibers in the pre-opening zone before they enter the carding zone, preventing unopened flakes from causing problems in the pre-carding zone. 
The tooth design ensures that fibers are perfectly parallelized in the post-carding zone, delivering a smooth transfer to the doffer and creating superior quality yarn, for longer. 

Graf has a wide range of carding segments in the product portfolio from coarse to extra fine count yarn from Ne 8 to Ne 150. 


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