The future of carding
  1. Up to 0.5% good fiber savings
  2. Keep your constant quality
  3. Fastest ever return on investment
  4. Multi-zone patented setting pattern
  5. Optimized tooth geometry

Improving yield while keeping yarn quality at an optimal level

The new HYPERTOP is a gamechanger in the spinning industry. Graf’s unique and newly engineered pattern design creates the advantage of a yield optimization of up to 0.5%, while keeping the yarn quality at an optimal level.


  • Compared to Graf’s best-selling flexible flat resist-O-top C-55/0, the HYPERTOP C-60 will save up to 0.5% of the cotton throughput, while keeping a constant yarn quality.
  • A strong wire and optimal teeth shape result in a constant high quality over an extended lifetime.
  • The multi-zone setting pattern ensures optimal and gentle defibering. The progression from straight gaps to a gapless pattern processes the fibers with growing intensity, delivering the yield improvement. 
  • The new setting pattern favors the removal of short fibers and waste as well as the elimination of neps.
  • The savings resulting from HYPERTOP create a never before return on investment.

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