Guide Rollers FR

Gentle deflection and high speeds
  1. Temperature resistant
  2. Long service life
  3. Maximum process speeds
  4. Lubrication and sealing

Product Details

Temco guide rollers are available in different forms and dimensions, with or without a shaft. These small bearings bring maximum productivity developed over years with research and development know-how.

FR 3530


The lubricant has been specially selected to satisfy the requirements of guide rollers, thus ensuring smooth running and long lifetime. The guide rollers are equipped with a special dust shield cover on either end. The roller shells are made of steel, aluminum or innovative synthetic materials with special features. For special applications guide rollers with chromium-plated or ceramic-coated shells are provided.

FR 4018


  • Temperatur resistant
  • High concentricity and cylinder form accurarcies
  • Bearings are supplied already run in
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • Long service life
  • Individual materials, greases and coatings possible
  • Maximum process speeds for maximum output

Area of application

Guide rollers are used in the hygiene industry to guide continuous materials like rubber bands for the baby diaper production, they are also suitable for many more applications. The high speed up to 6 500 m/min at a low failure rate leads to the maximum output.

FR26 series

The latest generation of the smooth-running guide rollers FR26 series are a milestone in the field of easy running guiding elements.

Bearing friction is reduced by 50% which means the driving force can be reduced by the same extent. This enables guidance of Lycra at very low tension levels.

  • Reduced ribbon tension
  • Smooth running
  • No initial run-in period required
  • Low moment of inertia
  • Long service life
  • Different roller shell forms
  • Variable surfaces

In addition to the standard shapes, intermediate sizes and customized solutions of the guide roller series FR26 are also available.