Axial Bearing AL

Easy to use
  1. Maintenance-free
  2. Corrosion resistant
  3. Lubricated for life

Products Details

The patented preload solution built into the Temco axial bearing is unique in the market. The special design allows the bearing to optimally absorb axial forces and ensures optimum output at speeds of up to 6 000 rpm. While other axial bearings of this size often consist of multiple parts, the Temco product is an enclosed ready-to-mount closed unit with an inner diameter of 6 mm. Other manufacturers of zero clearance bearing units start with an inner diameter of 12 mm.


  • Without axial bearing clearance
  • Easy to mount
  • Applicable up to 6 000 rpm without limitation
  • Very smooth running due to integrated bearing technology
  • Considerably longer service life due to modified bearing design

Area of application

The most important application of these axial bearings is the bearing support of small ball screws, clearance-free and maintenance-free to ensure maximum positioning accuracy combined with high load carrying capacity. However, this bearing arrangement can also be used for other bearing arrangement tasks where freedom from clearance is required under predominantly axial load.