Separator Rollers VR

Guide safely and redirect gently
  1. Maximum process speeds
  2. High loads and bearing yields
  3. Long service life
  4. Different dimensions, coatings and surface structures

Product details

Temco separator rollers VR play an important role in the production of films and foils by supporting the manufacturing process without affecting the quality of the product. With a low frictional torque, a long service life and smooth running in combination with robust materials, the installed bearings meet the high requirements in the production process.


Separator rollers are only mounted on one side. The various product requirements depend on the application. For the production of very fine and sensitive products, e.g. for textile manufacturing processes, low inertia thanks to optimized friction moment and low rotating mass are of utmost importance. Other applications require the roller surface to offer high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, large load carrying capacity or long bearing lifetime.


    • Maximum process speeds
    • Surface structure and coating materials
    • Resistance to high and very high stresses (temperature, loads, corrosion)
    • Maximum speeds coupled with high loads and bearing yields
    • Different dimensions (roller length, roller diameter, locating pin)

    Area of application

    Temco separator rollers VR are mainly used for guiding and turning round continuous materials such as yarns, wires, films and filaments during the individual production processes.

    The Specialist

    VR50300-00-HS SERIES

    For very high speeds in combination with high yarn temperatures, Temco has integrated its know-how and experience in the development of the separator roller group VR50300-00-HS.

    The separator rollers can be operated without expensive and time-consuming compressed air treatment.

    Thanks to very low friction torque at high speeds, the VR50300-00-HS offers enormous potential to save energy costs.


    • Higher yarn temperatures up to 190 °C due to special cage material and special high-temperature grease
    • Resonance-free running over the entire speed range with low noise emission
    • Due to the very low bearing friction torque the rollers are also suitable at low yarn forces for very high yarn speeds up to 5 500 m/min
    • Enormous energy savings compared to air bearings because no compressed air is required

    Area of application

    Through the use of hybrid bearings and the most modern heat-resistant materials, the separator rollers are designed especially for working areas, in which mainly energy-intensive air bearings are used. With a possible yarn speed of up to 5 500 m/min at yarn temperatures of 190 °C the VR50300-00-HS are as good as air bearings.