Supporting Rollers SW

Divert and lead
  1. High load capacity with small installation space size
  2. Lifetime lubrication
  3. Long service life

Product Details

Supporting rollers SW are manufactured in all common designs and dimensions. The designs are adapted to the respective installation case in the machines. They are suitable for speeds of up to 50 000 rpm, especially in packaging machines. At designs with partially integrated bearings, the raceways are ground into the shaft, others are equipped with deep groove ball bearings.

Temco Supporting Roller SW


All supporting roller models are provided with lifetime lubrication. The supporting rollers are equipped with a non-contact gap-type seal on either end. The roller shells are made of steel or aluminum. The chromium plated roller with an orange peel effect surface ensures good frictional conditions.

Temco Supporting Roller SW

Area of application

Supporting rollers are used to support yarn on winding machines. Low weight, reduced eccentric mass and hard chrome coatings are their main characteristics.