Suessen HP-GX Top Weighting Arms

meeting even the most challenging demands of high-end spinning mills
  1. No restrictions in regard to raw material
  2. Optimum and sustained yarn quality
  3. High consistency of all yarn parameters
  4. Minimal variation between spinning positions
  5. Maximum drafts
  6. Easiest operation, free from wear

Principle of frictionless load and other features

The critical feature of the Suessen HP-GX Top Weighting Arm is the direct loading of the top rollers by heavy-duty plate springs without clearance or friction. Furthermore, the plate spring is supported free from play in the top arm body. At the same time, the plate spring serves as a guiding element and prevents lateral forces from acting on the top roller position.

The mechanical treatment of the wider top roller supports will guarantee the precise parallelism of the top and bottom roller axles.

The HP-GX 3010 surface is both acid-resistant and rust-resistant. Consequently, it is fully capable of coping with even the most rigorous requirements in industrial application. Corrosion tests carried out by independent laboratories showed that this surface has three times more resistance than ever achieved.

Types and applications

Suessen HP Top Weighting Arms are completed with top rollers with cots, cradles with spacers and top roller aprons.

  • The HP-GX 3010 is for short-staple 3-over-3 roller drafting systems of ring spinning machines.
  • The HP-GX 5010plus is for worsted ring spinning machines.
  • The HP 4080 is for short-staple 3-over-3 or 4-over-4 drafting systems of roving machines.

All ring spinning machines and roving machines can be equipped with these Top Weighting Arms.

HP-GX 3010 for short-staple ring spinning machines

The HP-GX 3010 will provide you with the feature of partial load relief.

The position of the front top roller on the HP-GX is set in the factory. The
HP-GX 3010 is the only High-End top weighting arm capable of providing the ability to adjust the front top roller position to meet precise technological requirements.

Field of application:

  • Suitable for all new RSM from OEM or as retrofit for used machinery
  • Processing all staple fibers up to 65 mm fiber length
  • Drafts of up to 80 depending on the roving quality and the basic machine
  • Support bar Ø D = 28 mm
  • Spindle gauges: 70/75/82.5 mm


with Active Cradle and optional with PINSpacer NT technology

HP-GX 5010plus for worsted ring spinning machines

Special features:

  • Height setting at the side by an eccentric bolt for easier, faster, more precise and more convenient setting

  • Support bar with standardized profile in Ø 32 mm. In case of modernization (replacement) support bar can be reused.

Fields of application:

  • All worsted ring spinning machines with 3-bottom roller systems

  • Processing all staple fibers up to 200 mm fiber length - medium staple fibers up to 70 mm fiber length im nip point drafting, long staple fibers up to 200 mm fiber length in slip drafting

  • Spindle gauges: 75 and 82.5 mm

New: HP 4080 for short-staple roving frames

Special features: 

  • Easy height setting by excentric bolt - easier, faster, more precise and more convenient setting 
  • Slotted guide system for top rollers 
  • Active Cradle for short staple fibres 
  • Leaf spring 
  • Support bar with standardized profile in Ø 32 mm 

Fields of application: 

  • For 3- and 4-roller double-apron drafting systems 
  • Processing of cotton, man-made fibres and blends of up to 65 mm staple length