Clothings for OE Opening Rollers

Precise metallic card clothings for OE rollers provide for the highest profitability.
  1. Gentle fiber transport
  2. Balanced fiber opening
  3. Even yarn values
Graf Clothings
OE opening roller

OE Clothing


  • Alloy of Metallic card clothing for the highest demands
  • Improved surface quality of the metallic card clothing by way of electrochemical polishing
  • Large selection of clothings for OE opening rollers for all areas of application, raw materials, and machine types
  • Metallic card clothings with different densities for different materials
  • Working angle up to 25°, depending on the version of the various open-end rotor spinning machines

Possible versions: 

  • Metallic card clothing Polidur 
  • Metallic card clothing Needle Finish
  • Metallic card clothing Blank