Rotor Spinning

Cutting-edge technology for automatic and semi-automatic rotor spinning

The strength of Rieter’s rotor spinning lies not only in its high productivity, but also in its flexibility in terms of raw material and yarn construction. The fully automated rotor spinning machine offers state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing Com4®rotor premium yarns with the highest productivity and lowest energy consumption. The semi-automated machine has been specially designed for economic production with manual support and combines high yarn quality with efficient machine operability. Independent machine sides offer maximum flexibility for both machines.


  • Rotor spinning machine R 70

    The fully automatic rotor spinning machine R 70 sets new standards in terms of its high productivity, improved raw material utilization and low energy consumption. This is achieved by incorporating independent, state-of-the-art automation at every spinning position as well as an advanced version of the proven spinning box technology.

  • Rotor spinning machine R 37

    The rotor spinning machine R 37 has a new spinning box with adaptable trash extraction to provide more flexibility in raw material use. With up to 600 spinning positions, low energy consumption and time-saving handling, the R 37 is particularly economical. Fully independent machine sides provide high flexibility. The robot ROBOdoff, which is available as an option, automates package change.


Com4 yarns

Yarns for the most exacting requirements that ensure competitiveness in a dynamic market are Com4 yarns. Spun on Rieter ring, compact, rotor or air-jet spinning machines the Com4 yarns are characterized by excellent quality. Rieter customers profit from optimized production costs and good selling outlets.