Compact Spinning

Highest Flexibility, Perfect Yarn Structure

The Rieter compact-spinning machines produce fully compacted premium yarns (Com4®compact).

The Suessen compacting system EliTe® facilitates the production of high-quality compact yarns on new and already installed conventional ring spinning machines for short and long staple fibers.

In compact spinning, the fibers are compacted before spinning and thus optimally integrated into the yarn body. The compact yarn produced in this way convinces with a unique yarn structure and unique yarn properties. The flexibility of the compact-spinning machines and the compacting system is demonstrated in the versatile yarn variations and applications.


  • Compact-Spinning Machine K 48

    The compact-spinning machine K 48 produces fully compacted standard and special yarns with highest performance and lowest energy consumption. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM premium ensures a high level of machine efficiency and can save about 5% personnel costs.

  • Compact-Spinning Machine K 47

    The compact-spinning machine K 47 produces fully compacted yarns using an extremely low amount of energy. Yarn parameters can be easily changed on the control unit what makes production highly flexible. The integrated individual spindle monitoring system ISM basic can save about 3% personnel costs.

  • Compact-Spinning Machine K 42

    The well-conceived machine concept of the compact-spinning machine K 42 facilitates significantly lower energy and maintenance costs compared to any other compacting system. The textile-technological functions have been optimized to achieve cost-efficient production of fully compacted yarns.

  • Piecing Robot ROBOspin

    The piecing robot ROBOspin repairs ends down in Rieter ring and compact-spinning machines. Automating this process ensures a high productivity, reduces labor costs and makes the operational organization of the spinning mill easier.

  • Compacting Device COMPACTdrum

    The compacting device COMPACTdrum for the Rieter ring spinning machine is easy to install and remove. It adds a new dimension to reducing hairiness, which impresses customers along with the very low production costs. The device processes all raw materials and covers all yarn counts.

  • Compacting Device COMPACTeasy

    The compacting device COMPACTeasy is the new mechanical compacting solution that is attracting customers thanks to its low investment costs. COMPACTeasy produces yarns with excellent characteristics from all standard raw materials. This is based on the intensive double compacting that does not require any additional energy.

  • New EliTe®Compact Spinning System

    This pneumatic compact spinning concept ensures high machine efficiency, best yarn qualities and lowest yarn parameter variations between spinning positions.


Rieter Com4® Yarns

Yarns for the most exacting requirements that ensure competitiveness in a dynamic market are Com4® yarns. Spun on Rieter ring, compact, rotor or air-jet spinning machines the Com4® yarns are characterized by excellent quality. Rieter customers profit from optimized production costs and good selling outlets.