Semi-Automated Rotor Spinning Machine R 37

Economic rotor spinning with more flexibility in raw material use
  1. More options for raw material selection
  2. High-volume production
  3. Low power consumption

Product details

The rotor spinning machine R 37 has a new spinning box with adjustable trash extraction. This offers more flexibility when selecting the raw material. With up to 600 spinning positions, the R 37 ensures economical rotor spinning in the range Ne 3 to Ne 40 range.

Low energy consumption and simple, time-saving handling by operating personnel minimize production costs. The innovative AMIspin and optional AMIspin-Pro technologies ensure superior piecing quality. Fully independent machine sides provide high flexibility. The robot ROBOdoff, which is available as an option, automates package change.


The excellent spinning stability of the R 37 ensures high-volume production at a high production speed. The potential is enormous: With up to 600 spinning positions, yarn can be produced at a delivery speed of up to 200 m/min. 

The highly efficient drive system offers low power consumption. An optional energy monitoring device can assist to further optimize energy consumption. 

With ROBOdoff, which is available as an option, full packages can be changed automatically with no interruption to the spinning process, eliminating the exhausting task of manual doffing. The ROBOdoff ensures consistent package length within the defined tolerances. 

The exceptionally low working height of the R 37 combined with the AMIspin piecing devices facilitates work of operators. As a result, more spinning positions can be served by one operator.


The redesigned spinning box with exchangeable trash channels enables higher levels of trash extraction, which offers more options when selecting raw materials.

Optimized fiber flow results in outstanding spinning stability and yarn tenacity. Ideal handling of the fibers guarantees more consistent yarn quality. 

With AMIspin technology, outstanding piecing quality can be achieved. The optional AMIspin-Pro technology offers even higher standards of quality as well as increased success rates in piecings.


On the R 37 with fully independent machine sides two lots can be spun simultaneously. Two package conveyor belts prevent lots from being mixed up. 

All setting parameters for the machine and the optional yarn clearer Q 10 can be adjusted on the large and easily understandable operating unit. Clearers with foreign fiber detection are available as option.


  • Doffing automation ROBOdoff

    ROBOdoff automates the unpleasant task of manual doffing and ensures that all doffed packages have the same package length.

  • ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

    ESSENTIAL provides fact based optimization proposals, key performance indicators and even predicts downtime risks. This powerful tool supports management activities with comprehensive and clearly arranged digital analytics. With ESSENTIAL, it is possible to unlock the full range of digital value creation possibilities for the spinning mill.