On-Site Project Management

Rent a Rieter expert
  1. The answer to skilled labor shortage
  2. Smart allocation of resources
  3. Immediate response to challenges
  4. Efficiency through expert knowledge


On-Site Project Management provides the right support, at the right time with Rieter experts who handle a variety of challenging projects.

The Power of Applied Knowledge

When internal resources or skills are insufficient to complete a project, customers can count on Rieter to provide the right expert at the right time. Rieter highly experienced specialists work on a wide range of assignments together with the spinning mill staff. Independent and reliable, they support customer in successfully achieving their goals.

Turn Every Project Into Success

On-Site Project Management converts projects into successes. Through years of experience acquired in the field of textile, Rieter experts roll-up their sleeves to get the job done. Not only do they complete their assignment with brio, they also involve and train the spinning mill’s staff on-the-job. It is a double win for customers: reach the set target and train the mill employees.

Unlimited Support

On-Site Project Management covers a wide range of activities:

  • Extended technical support
  • Production support
  • Maintenance support
  • Relocation support
  • Production supervision
  • Temporary mill management

In addition to the above, Rieter provides on-demand support to match customers’ needs.

Felix Hasler

Senior Vice President After Sales Services
Klosterstrasse 20
8406 Winterthur