Mechanical Repairs

Extending machine lifetime
  1. Lower risk of breakdowns
  2. Enhanced lifetime of equipment
  3. Component level repairs
  4. Reliable quality


Mechanical parts are subject to wear and tear due to machine operation. Their lifetime is affected by various parameters such as the machine operation hours, environmental parameters and machine maintenance practices. These parameters can vary significantly from mill to mill. Rieter repair services offer a broad range of mechanical repair products designed to enhance machine reliability and cost-effective operation.

P3-1 Guiding Arm

The P3-1 guide arm is a proven drafting system and well-known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Rieter recommends to refurbish the guide arm after eight to ten years to ensure uniform and consistent load across the machine.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced load variation
  • Less yarn breaks and undrafted ends
  • Reduced number of cuts and yarn faults
  • Improved operator ergonomics

Success Stories

Hanif increases productivity by 10%

Rieter after-sales solutions for ring spinning machines enhance productivity at Hanif Spinning Mills and contribute to sustainability through extended machine lifetimes.


Ringrail Gearbox Repair Kit

The ring rail drive gearbox located in headstock carries and provides vertical traverse movement to ring rails, which contributes to cop building in ring spinning machines.

Customer Benefits 

  • Restore original machine performance
  • Extend gearbox lifetime
  • Improved oil monitor

Suction Drum Refurbishment

Perforated suction drum used in Rieter compact spinning machine to product compact yarn

Compact technology based on perforated suction drum is a robust system which is widely used in compact-spinning machines. The refurbishment of the suction drums by Rieter repair services is a cost-efficient and validated solution that helps regain the original performance of the compact spinning machine.

Customer Benefits 

  • Restoring yarn quality and strength
  • State-of-the-art automated repair process
  • Saving money with economical solution
  • Extending lifetime of machines

Jayakumar Venkatesan

Global Head Product Management Repair Services