Textile Technology

Developing yarn beyond limits
  1. Reduced time-to-market
  2. Avoidance of production losses
  3. One-stop shop for expertise from fiber to fabric


Textile technology is at the heart of Rieter's DNA. Continuously striving to reach new heights in quality, Rieter experts test, improve and develop yarns.  From the customer's mill to one of Rieter spin centers or textile laboratories, the combination of analysis and trials gives the perfect setting to achieving the best results.

Customer Technology Services

Close to its customers, Rieter provides on-site support, no matter where the mill is located. Experienced technologists bring years of know-how in analyzing and diagnosing technology problems as well as in implementing optimization measures.

Spin Centers

Rieter Spin Centers host trials to deliver optimum solutions to its customers. Each Spin Center is equipped with all four spinning processes, the latest machine models, and a cutting-edge textile laboratory. All tests are performed with the customer’s own raw material and following international standard methods to ensure reliable analyses and results. Virtually the same conditions and characteristics can be reproduced at the customer’s mill to enable success during and after implementation.

Textile Laboratories

In state-of-the-art Rieter textile laboratories, technologists test raw materials, intermediates and end products by using precision equipment. Since 2002, they are storing all findings to facilitate their sharing and re-use for future research. This goldmine of information contains more than 300 000 tests, over 2 million types of machine settings and is yearly expanded with around 500 new research projects.