Diversity and Inclusion

Equal opportunity creates added value

Rieter is committed to equal opportunity. The company attaches great importance to creating an inclusive culture that enables all employees to reach their full potential.

In 2023, the focus was on launching a diversity initiative, introducing a learning platform, and developing the next generation of leaders.

Gender diversity

In 2023, Rieter increased its focus on gender diversity to ensure that the 2025 target of at least 20 percent women in management positions can be achieved. A survey of female employees revealed their perceptions of equality in the company. Most of the survey results were positive. However, there was also room for improvement. Under the “Women@Rieter” initiative, the company has taken targeted measures to promote equal opportunities for women.

As a first step, the original target of 20 percent women in management positions at Group level was extended to business groups and departments. In addition, inclusive processes have been introduced to address issues such as inequality and unconscious bias.

Finally, a mentoring program for aspiring female managers was introduced in August 2023. Members of the Group Executive Committee have volunteered to serve as mentors to lead by example in promoting gender diversity.

Sarah Kreienbühl, member of the Board of Directors, took part in a panel discussion with other female executives on what it takes to be a successful female executive.

Creating an inclusive environment

Rieter strives to create a meaningful and value-driven environment through its mission and vision. This is also supported by the Code of Conduct, which is part of every employment contract. A dedicated integrity line makes it possible to report violations of legal regulations or internal policies, whether from a legal perspective or in relation to the company’s compliance policies. Rieter strictly rejects harassment and discrimination and actively works to improve safety and inclusion in the workplace by continuously developing its policies.

The "Women@Rieter" initiative provides for targeted measures to promote equal opportunities for women.

Digital learning platform

Continuous learning is a key factor in further improving market proximity. In 2023, Rieter launched a digital learning platform that offers around 2 700 courses on topics such as management and leadership, human resources, and general business processes. The mandatory program for managers includes the course on unconscious bias, for example.

The platform helps to onboard new employees faster, build relevant skills and create a more inclusive, high-performing culture. The courses offered allow employees to take charge of their own professional and personal development.

Goal-driven management process

The annual performance management process plays a key role in the professional development of the workforce and the identification of high-potential employees. The process ensures an ongoing dialog between managers and their team members and ensures that they work together towards the corporate objectives. It forms the basis of a strong talent pipeline that enables Rieter to promote high-potential employees from within and provide them with access to unique career opportunities.

In return, the company can count on people with the expertise and network it needs to achieve its stated goals faster. By integrating Rieter’s values into the target agreements of employees and teams, the company creates incentives to align business practices with its core values.

Leadership with impact

Rieter’s annual nine-month leadership program combines digital learning opportunities with hands-on exercises. Participants acquire the ability to create long-term value for the company and achieve business objectives. The focus is on developing self-awareness, empathy, and the ability to inspire others. The participants are selected by their line managers and mentored by members of the Group Executive Committee.

The induction programs in 2023 focused on the topics of strategy, organization and corporate culture, textile technology and customer knowledge. Each program began with a Q&A session with the CEO.

In 2023, the Rieter Group employed 98 apprentices, 54 of whom were based in Switzerland.