People and Culture

Putting people first

Rieter puts people at the center of everything it does. Inspired by the vision “Rieter makes the Difference”, around 5 100 employees use their expertise and passion every day to create added value for customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which the company operates.

Employer of choice

Rieter strives to be an employer of choice in its key markets. Thanks to the company’s strong performance culture, employees “make the difference” for customers. Employees are supported and enabled to reach their potential without having to sacrifice a good work-life balance.

The company is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive, safe and fair working environment. These efforts are based on the conviction that diverse teams contribute to the company’s growth and create added value for everyone.

Recruiting and training talent are key components of Rieter’s business strategy. After all, it is the talents of today who will be the innovators of tomorrow. They are the ones who will develop the products, services and systems of the future.

Continuous training

Rieter is the technology leader for short staple fiber spinning systems. The company therefore needs highly qualified employees with technical know-how who put the customer at the center of everything they do. Committed and qualified employees help to implement the corporate strategy locally and support customers in exploiting the full potential of Rieter technology. Continuous training is therefore a decisive success factor for the company – but also for the career development of employees.

Succession planning

Strategic succession planning is an integral part of Rieter’s performance culture. The company has established a talent pipeline that welcomes and promotes employees with potential. It gives young talent in particular the space to grow and develop. Rieter focuses on promoting specialists and managers in its key markets and tries to fill as many management positions as possible with employees from its own ranks.


With around 5 100 employees across the globe, diversity is anchored in the company’s DNA. The company’s values ensure that individual and cultural differences are harnessed as a source of shared strength. With the relocation of operational activities close to key markets, employees increasingly reflect the cultural diversity of Rieter’s customers.

Rieter aims to increase the proportion of women in management positions to over 20 percent by 2025. The company has drawn up an implementation plan to achieve this. Among other things, this includes a mentoring program and training on unconscious bias. This will lay the foundation for fairer and more inclusive decision-making, which will enable improved company performance.

EHS minimum requirements and audits

The safety and health of employees are a top priority at Rieter. The “Environment, Health and Safety” (EHS) strategy of the Rieter Group forms the basis and defines clear minimum requirements. The environmental and occupational safety officers at the manufacturing locations are in charge of implementing these requirements. Compliance with these requirements is verified in the context of risk audits and by means of self-testing.

The Rieter Group has an established risk control audit system for all locations. The Corporate Risk and Insurance Management team conducts risk audits at regular intervals in conjunction with an external partner. In addition to standard property insurance risks such as fire and natural hazards, business interruption, occupational safety and environmental risks are also analyzed. The team then informs management at the respective locations of the results, provides recommendations and monitors implementation.

Product safety

Product safety has a high priority at Rieter. Rieter has a well-structured product safety organization and works with external specialists if necessary. Each product group has a safety officer. These officers are supported by a global network and regular internal training courses. Clear processes and risk assessments have been established and best practices are exchanged.

Cooperation with suppliers

Rieter fosters a partnership relationship with its suppliers. The company works closely with suppliers to further strengthen the resilience of supply chains. Furthermore, the aim is to work together to continuously improve the quality and reduce the cost of purchased materials and components. Rieter attaches great importance to actively involving suppliers in the innovation process. The company respects the intellectual property rights of its partners. Rieter strives to build close long-term relationships characterized by mutual respect and the commitment to address business challenges together. The company also expects its suppliers to adhere to the principles of Rieterʼs Supplier Code of Conduct.

A vast majority of suppliers has signed the Supplier Code of Conduct. Since 2022, Rieter works closely with suppliers to ensure that they reduce their CO2 emissions and improve the recyclability of supplied components. Rieter monitors the adherence to the Supplier Code of Conduct through regular audits.

Social and community commitment

Cooperation with employee representatives worldwide is of fundamental importance to Rieter. At the European level, this takes place through an international council, and at the national level directly with the relevant employee representatives and trade unions in the individual countries.

Rieter has always taken its social responsibility in the communities where its manufacturing plants are located and toward employees very seriously. In Switzerland, for example, through the Johann Jacob Rieter Foundation, Rieter is engaged in the fields of art, culture, education and charitable causes.

As an employer, Rieter provides support for its employees concerning their voluntary commitments in associations and social services or concerning political authorities. The company is a member of various industrial associations and is actively involved with the various committees in their respective field of activity.