Extended Lifetime of Bräcker STARLETplus Travelers

The perfect choice for spinning aggressive man-made fibers are Bräcker STARLETplus travelers. They provide an extended service life while requiring fewer changes and less machine downtime which leads to higher productivity.

Processing aggressive fibers, such as polyester or dyed fibers, can present a challenge for travelers. These fibers lead to cut marks in the yarn path of standard travelers (Fig. 1). The time it takes for cutting marks to appear sets a benchmark for the quality of the traveler in terms of hairiness and neps in the processed yarn.

Thanks to the specific characteristics of the STARLETplus traveler, Bräcker is making an important contribution to improve spinning processes for aggressive fibers.

A special coating makes the difference

STARLETplus is a further development of the proven Bräcker traveler with STARLET coating. A tailored electrolytic surface treatment that is optimized for aggressive fibers considerably reduces the risk of premature grooving in the travelers. This surface treatment also provides reliable resistance to corrosion (Fig. 2).

Reduced waste, less downtime and higher productivity

The optimized surface coating of the STARLETplus traveler extends the service life by a remarkable up to 50% compared to competitor products – even under sensitive production parameters.

Changing the travelers less frequently not only saves costs and reduces waste, it also results in significantly less machine downtime, which in turn has a beneficial effect on production output.

In practical tests with polyester and dyed fibers, consistent yarn quality values were achieved throughout the extended service life of the STARLETplus traveler (Fig. 3).

With all these improved features, spinning aggressive man-made fibers is no longer limited – STARLETplus is the traveler of choice for challenging spinning conditions.