Operating Costs Successfully Lowered by SSM

Energy Efficiency as an Underestimated Success Factor in Yarn Production 

Yarn producers have always had to keep their operating costs – and consequently their energy costs – as low as possible, as these costs have a direct impact on the profitability of their company. Low energy consumption and subsequently low energy costs are therefore important factors when deciding to invest in new or replacement resource-saving equipment.

SSM winding machines are always the first choice when it comes to low energy consumption, but they are also unrivalled in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Thanks to intelligent engineering and consistent use of the most advanced technologies, with their high production output and quality, SSM winding machines are state of the art in terms of low power consumption – and very successful at reducing operating costs as a result.

Better Performance Confirmed

A direct comparison in practice shows that when used for the same application with identical winding parameters – speed, yarn tension and contact pressure – SSM winding machines perform better. This is confirmed by comparative measurements from several SSM customers who consistently measure the power consumption of all their equipment to analyze their operating costs in detail. For example, a customer in Asia is saving approximately CHF 8 000 annually by using around 300 SSM spindles.

Up to 25% Lower Power Consumption

Resource-saving, energy-efficient production using SSM winding machines translates directly into up to 25% lower energy costs. When considering the return on investment as a whole, it is clear that the performance gains, longevity and energy efficiency make investing in SSM winding machines worthwhile.

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