Positive Impact of Comber E 90 on Performance of Entire System

Mr. Hüseyin Kadi, Mill Manager, Karteks Tekstil

Karteks Tekstil, located in Adana, Turkey, serves the high-quality market segment for combed cotton yarns. Yarns with a count of Ne 28s to Ne 50s are produced for creating the finest knitted and woven fabrics. The family-run company has optimized its spinning process over more than 30 years of working in the spinning industry, and now produces 72 000 tons of high-quality yarn each year. And Karteks is further striving for improvement every day. With high quality standards, modern technology and creative spirit, Karteks aims to satisfy its’ customers needs.

The Challenge

Karteks is committed to spinning yarn of the highest quality at the lowest cost. Its ring and compact-spinning machines run at an outstanding speed while still meeting customers’ high requirements for yarn quality. To meet market demand for its attractive offering, Karteks expanded its production site in 2020.

The Solution

This year the company introduced a brand new Rieter compact-spinning system, including combers E 90. The combing section is the heart of the Karteks spinning mill. Hüseyin Kadi and his team know that all major quality aspects are determined by combing, as this is the last step in which the cotton is still a web. They monitor the quality of the yarn and the number of defects in the yarn caused directly by spinning preparation very closely. The earlier abnormalities can be found, the more efficient the spinning process is. 

The proven Rieter Quality Monitor (RQM) installed on the E 90 helps the Karteks team to continuously monitor the sliver quality. Deviations in sliver weight and irregularities can be detected at a very early stage. Karteks can adapt the process immediately. The improved setting process makes this very easy to do. This ensures flexible adaptation to different raw materials. This gives Karteks the best possible combed sliver, which results in the highest spinning speed. 

And the comber E 90 achieves increased production at a very constant and high level of quality compared to the predecessor model, the E 86.

The Customer’s Benefits

  • Karteks achieves outstanding spinning performance with the Rieter compact-spinning machines K 47, with fewer winding cuts thanks to its new state-of-the art combers E 90.
  • Despite the low noil level, the yarn quality values still meet the expectations of Kartek’s customers.
  • With the positive impact of the comber E 90 on the performance of the entire compact-spinning system and the increase in yarn production, Karteks earns USD 0.07 more per kilogram of yarn – which equates to more than USD 40 000 per comber per year. For Karteks, the E 90 is the best solution for achieving the highest yarn output in combination with consistency in quality. Karteks and Rieter work closely together to optimize the performance of the E 90 for Karteks’ specific needs.
Rieter is committed to heading in the same direction as we are by finding the best solution for our customers. We greatly appreciate Rieter’s way of working with us – accepting the challenge while listening to us and understanding what we need.Mr. Hüseyin Kadi, Mill Manager, Karteks Tekstil

About Karteks Tekstil

Karteks Tekstil was founded in 1984 as a family business with 2 doubling machines and 4 twisting machines as twisting mill.

In 2003 the company invested in a spinning mill and the first section of the factory started production in 2005 with a capacity of 14 tons per day. Further investments in innovation and a continuous growth made Karteks one of the leading companies in the spinning sector in Turkey with now 200 tons of ring compact yarn per day with 251.000 spindles in four different plants.
The twisting mill with all its machines and equipment was renewed in 2009 and continues its activity with a capacity of 25 tons per day with 40 twisters and 15 doubling machines.

On the other hand, in 2009, to follow innovations and reach maximum production efficiency Karteks has renewed the Twisting mill with all its machinery and equipments. The mill continues it activities with the capacity of 25 tones per day within 40 twisting and 15 doubling machines.

Karteks Tekstil a.S.

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