Productive Spinning with High Short-Fiber Content

The strength of the Rieter rotor spinning system has always been its high productivity and achievement of a consistent yarn quality, particularly in applications with shorter fibers. The new rotor direct process further greatly enhances system performance and yarn quality – even with cost-effective raw materials.

Advantages in raw material cost, energy balance and productivity ensure the lowest possible production costs. In this example, a rotor spinning system is used to produce more cost-effective raw material with a higher noil respectively trash content to be spun into a high-quality yarn with the count of Ne 21.

A Rieter system for the rotor spinning process is compared with a “mixed spinning mill”. Customers who choose the Rieter system with the rotor direct process generate an approximately USD 330 000 higher cash flow per year at the same production volume.

In addition to the economic advantages, Rieter also offers expert advice on the optimal spinning technology. The entire spinning mill is networked and controlled from a single platform with ESSENTIAL – The Rieter Digital Spinning Suite. This guarantees high quality and optimal efficiency, both now and in the future.