R 37 – Turning Trash into Treasure

recycled yarn production - rotor spinning machine R 37, Zijian

The semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37 stands for economical rotor spinning and is perfectly suited to process recycled material.

The spinning box of the R 37 offers decisive advantages in processing recycled cotton thanks to a higher level of trash extraction. Short fibers are guided well in the feeding and opening areas and most trash, neps and yarn ends which are not fully opened are removed.

As a result, more good fibers are kept in the spinning process than with other machines. This guarantees better evenness and IPI values which results in lower ends down rates and in economic production. The low energy consumption of the R 37 further reduces operating costs.

In our video three Chinese customers report on their experiences with the processing of recycled raw material on the R 37 and the advantages of Rieter machines in spinning preparation.