Automatic loading and tube sorting
  1. Easy and fast reload of the ROBOload
  2. Optimized resource management
  3. Improved ergonomics by eliminating bent postures


The WILDload is an add-on device to the ROBOload. It allows the automatic filling of the ROBOload and eliminates the manual placement of the tubes. The capacity of the WILDload tube storage is big enough to fit the needs of even the longest machines.

Resource Optimization

It is no longer necessary to manually feed and align tubes in the ROBOload. The WILDload automatically takes the unsorted tubes from a mobile trolley and feeds them into the ROBOload. 

Capacity to Cover Even the Longest Machines

The storage capacity of the WILDload coupled with the storage capacity of the ROBOload covers even the longest machines needs. This ensures that the spinning machines never stops due to a lack of empty tubes.


The WILDload is available as a retrofit on Rieter ring spinning machines G 32, G 33, G 35 and G 36 as well as on the Rieter compact spinning machines K 42, K 44, K 45 and K 46. The ROBOload is a prerequisite to the installation of the WILDload.

Marc Simmen

Product Manager Modernization Solutions
Klosterstrasse 20