Always reach the desired doffed package length
  1. No burden of manual doffing on operators
  2. Constant doffed package length
  3. Operators available for more valuable tasks


The ROBOdoff is a device for automated package change. The robot replaces full packages with a prepared empty tube along each machine side. For the doffing of a spinning position, ROBOdoff does not interrupt the spinning process. It is available on R 37 as an option and on R 35 and R 36 as a retrofit.


ROBOdoff does not only automate the unpleasant task of manual doffing, it also ensures that all doffed packages have the same package length. The operator sets the package length and ROBOdoff will automatically doff packages whose length lays within the defined tolerance. A consistent and proper formation of the transfer tail is also the result of the ROBOdoff.  

Efficient work organization

By reducing the burden of manual doffing on employees, ROBOdoff enables more efficient work organization. The exhausting process of manual doffing now belongs to the past and operators are free to focus on more valuable tasks.

Smart settings

ROBOdoff features 3 settings to offer a maximum of flexibility:

  • Block doffing with automated doffing, regardless of the package length
  • Doffing in delta length securing that all doffed packages contain the target length
  • Blower so ROBOdoff works as a traveling blower when doffing is not required
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Marc Simmen

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