Upgrades and Retrofits

Maintain the value of Rieter equipment and boost its performance with innovative engineered solutions.
  1. Maximize productivity
  2. Improve yarn quality
  3. Save energy and optimize costs
  4. Extend the lifetime of equipment
  5. Improve flexibility

Boosting Performance

After several years of operation, machines do not meet today's requirements anymore and require a little boost to recover their initial productivity. Rieter provides a wide range of solutions to bring your equipment up to its best levels and even beyond. 


The ROBOdoff is a device for automated package change. The robot replaces full packages with a prepared empty tube along each machine side. For the doffing of a spinning position, ROBOdoff does not interrupt the spinning process. It is available on R 37 as an option and on R 35 and R 36 as a retrofit.

Customer values

  • No burden of manual doffing on operators
  • Constant doffed package length
  • Operators available for more valuable tasks

Rotor semi ECOrized

The Upgrade Rotor semi ECOrized consists of two modular packages. One package focus on the modification of the technology air system, the other on the waste air system. Each package contains different Upgrades which improves a specific function on the machine. The Upgrades can be ordered individual.

Customer values

  • Reduction of the waste air energy consumption by up to 38%
  • Reduction of the technology air energy consumption by up to 11%
  • Less down time due to several improvements
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Clip opening rollers

The clip Opening Roller features a patented clip replacement system which allows a quick replacement of the wear and tear parts: the solid ring or the wire covered roll.

Customer values

  • Exchange time reduced by up to 80% per unit
  • Considerably lower maintenance time
  • Improved flexibility by using different opening roller types on the same machine

R 40 robot modernization

After years of severe stress, many robots reach the limits of acceptable reliability. For those robots, Rieter provides modernization packages including retrofits, upgrades and conversions to restore or improve the original performance of equipment. The R 40 Robot Modernization optimizes the performance of the robot by upgrading it with the latest available technology.

Customer values

  • Up to 3 % efficiency increase of the overall machine
  • Average payback period of 10 months
  • Robot efficiency back to 90 % and above
  • Extended lifetime of the robot

Friction lining with clip

This interchangeable friction lining with clip-closure for the winding drum of the rotor spinning machine allows an easy and quick exchange of all friction linings of the rotor spinning machine. Thanks to the clip-closure, no fitting tools are needed.

Customer values

  • No dismantling of the whole winding shaft needed
  • Reduced machine downtime up to 75 % to exchange all friction linings
  • Reliable drive of the bobbin through profile grooves

Frequency converters

Several frequency converter series have become obsolete due to the evolution of electronics over the past ten years. Upgrading these existing series to the latest generation not only reduces downtime but also extends the lifetime of Rieter machines, ensuring operational safety on ring, compact and rotor spinning machines.

Customer benefits

  • Extended machine lifetime
  • Operation safety
  • Reduced downtime