berkolizer pro

New levels of efficiency
  1. Optimal UV exposure
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Adjustable process parameters

Product details

The BERKOL berkolizer pro optimizes the exposure of rubber cots and controls the intensity of the UV light, which ensure an optimal, consistent and energy-efficient UV treatment. This reduces the risk of lapping, prevents fiber loss during the spinning process and thus increases productivity.

Optimal UV exposure

The rolling process and unique reflector system of the berkolizer pro ensure a consistent and full irradiation of all axles, resulting in the highest possible quality. 

Increased productivity

By achieving the best surface quality, lapping and fiber loss are reduced, thus increasing productivity.

The wide feed unit of the berkolizer pro allows up to three axles, or any axles with a length up to 450 mm, resulting in an output unmatched on the market.

Adjustable process parameters

The rolling speed and UV light intensity are adjustable and can therefore be set to optimize performance and energy efficiency.


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