Service Equipment

Special service devices and tools for the initialization and ongoing maintenance – for a lifetime extension and continuous readiness of the machinery.

High degree of automation, user-friendly ergonomic operation, highest accuracy and reproducibility in all parameters – the companies Bräcker and Graf offer a selection of equipment for a smooth functionality of the machinery, safety for operators as well as increased competitiveness of the mill.


  • Berkolizer

    Bräcker’s berkolizing technology of treating rubber cots with UV light to improve the surface has become an industry standard. The BERKOL berkolizer offers incomparable benefits, with a consistent and energy-efficient UV treatment.

  • Grinders

    The BERKOL supergrinder and BERKOL multigrinder from Bräcker cover all grinding needs for the entire range of cots and top rollers. These machines are the best allies to ensure the best surface finish of cots and positively impact the yarn quality.

  • Lubricating units

    Proper lubrication of top rollers bearings has a direct impact on the quality of the yarn produced. With BERKOLUBE  and the lubricating unit BOS-01, Bräcker provides the right lubrication so that top rollers work uniformly and with the desired and constant linear density.

  • Presses

    Bräcker offers pneumatic as well as electrohydraulic BERKOL presses to fit and remove aluminium press covers on top rollers and axles.

  • Testing instruments

    The smooth running of top rollers can only be achieved with the right concentricity and roughness. Bräcker provides testing instruments to determine, test and monitor the concentricity and roughness of top rollers.

  • Accessories

    Improved product quality. Graf's range of accessories for card clothing can deliver cost savings while ensuring consistent, homogeneous and reproducible product quality.

  • Cleaning Fillets

    Graf fillets are used to clean take-off and stripping rollers and flat clothing. The robust design offers a trouble-free carding process that can increase the uptime of rollers.

  • Packages

    Cost savings and improved product quality. Graf's range of flexible servicing options for card clothing backed by global support can deliver significant cost savings, while ensuring consistent, homogeneous and reproducible product quality.