Customer-Specific Engineering

Made-to-order solutions
  1. Designed for each customer’s unique requirements
  2. Improved performance and efficiency
  3. 100% fit solution for a smooth implementation
Customer-Specific Engineering


While most spinning mills operate more or less on the basis of the same process, the needs of mill owners can greatly vary. Ready-made retrofits, upgrades and conversions are easy and quick to implement but are not always a perfect match to customers’ ever-increasing requirements. Rieter offers Customer-Specific Engineering: individual and tailor-made solutions designed for the challenge at hand.

Customer-Specific Engineering One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all

Two types of Customer-Specific Engineering are available, depending on the situation or challenge:

  • Customized solution: modification of existing parts – including spare, technology or wear – retrofits, upgrades and conversions
  • Engineered solution: development of new parts – including spare, technology or wear – retrofits, upgrades and conversions
Customer-Specific Engineering Engineering Excellence

Engineering excellence

Excellence is embedded in Rieter’s DNA. Based on each customer’s unique requirements, Rieter’s engineers design, prototype, test, and build Customer-Specific Engineering to perform even to the most stringent specifications.

From component analysis to layout planning and utilizing the latest technologies, customers benefit from a complete solution, from one single source.

Smooth integration

Designed and developed according to customers’ needs, Specific-Customer Engineering solutions fit perfectly existing installation for a minimum disruption of production. With more than 200 years of experience in the textile industry, in many cases, Rieter has already supplied a similar solution, somewhere in the world. This allows a quick response to customers' request, helping to address market challenges in virtually no time.

Marc Simmen

Product Manager Modernization Solutions
Klosterstrasse 20