Journal Bearings SL and ZL

Compact and ready to use
  1. Maximum speed for highest output
  2. Type diversity
  3. Individual dimensions
  4. Fulfills FDA regulations

Products Details

The main characteristics of the journal bearings SL and ZL are their pre-finished, compact design. When equipped with a jacket, these bearings are suitable as guide or deflection rollers or serve as tension pulleys. They are suitable for a wide application range.

SL journal bearings are equipped with an open axis or shaft end. ZL feature a double-sided axis or shaft end. Shafts and housings are available in all standard dimensions. In addition, their dimension can be adapted to satisfy individual space requirements.



Temco journal bearings are a double row deep groove ball bearing. The inner raceways are integrated into the shaft while the outer raceways are integrated into the housing. The sealing system is adapted to the specific application.

Some models of the journal bearings are lubricated for life, others are suitable for relubrication. The selection of product and lubricants depends on the application.



- Compact and ready-to-install design
- Wide range of applications
- Various common dimensions as well as special custom dimensions

Area of application

Temco journal bearings are suitable for many applications of packaging machines. Transporting or driving of materials and the product itself is possible.