Combs for any spinning mill requirement
  1. Increased yield of up to 0.5% 
  2. 20% fewer imperfections 
  3. Minimum 20% longer lifetime
  4. Almost zero running-in time 

Highly effective comb system

Spinning mills can rely on the highly effective Graf comb system to remove short fibers and neps while keeping the long fibers in the process. This results in lower conversion costs for the produced yarn. The particularly long lifetime also increases the overall efficiency of the spinning mill. 

Combs for any spinning mill requirement

Combining all the combing elements into one complete system allows the mill to produce combed yarns according to their cotton characteristics, machine types, and targeted yarn quality. Graf's combing system also enables to serve higher value markets by producing finer yarn count ranges to the highest possible quality. 

A comprehensive product range consisting of technology components for combing and carding combined with a network of technical consultants and service engineers enable Graf business partners to set themselves apart on the market and enjoy economic success. 

The Graf comb system package includes circular combs, top combs, top comb holders and circular comb brushes, and accessories such as various cleaning devices. 


Comb System for any Cotton Yarn Application - Brochure

Premium-quality products in perfect combination

The wide range of Graf combs is highly versatile, working with combers from numerous manufacturers. Graf's experts can work with customers to specify the ideal system for their production, offering the right combination of circular comb and top comb to meet specific yarn specification, cotton quality and comber machine.  

The steel quality and subsequent surface treatment of Graf combs, developed over the last hundred years, provides the highest level of quality, stability and durability. This ensures a long lifetime, reducing machine downtime and unscheduled interruptions and significantly increasing the economic efficiency of combing process.