Top Combs

Graf top combs set the benchmark for high productivity and maximum production safety
  1. Minimal soiling
  2. Uniquely safe production
  3. Up to 20% extended replacement cycle
  4. Almost zero running-in time

Product Details

The space between the teeth, which is aligned to the fiber fineness, and the unique needle finish surface treatment come together to provide the best solution for any possible application. 


  • Smoothest surface and no wrapped fibers for minimal soiling and uniquely safe production 
  • Wide tooth profile paired with free vertical space between the teeth prevent short fibers from passing trough 
  • Longest on the market avaiable and up to 20% extended replacement cycle thanks to CUTTYSHARP alloy 
  • Almost zero running-in time thanks to rounded edges provided by the unique Needle Finish surface treatment 
  • Special assembly design of the teeth ensures unique robustness and therefore maximum machine safety 

FIXPRO top combs

The FIXPRO series ensures minimal soiling while providing maximum robustness, especially if the comber is running at medium to high performance levels. FIXPRO can be used on machines of all manufacturers.

Ri-Q-Top top combs

The Ri-Q-Top top comb series do not just provide extraordinary performance, they also have an extended lifetime. Both of these features are particularly beneficial to spinning mills. Ri-Q-Top can be used for the latest Rieter combers.


Comb System for any Cotton Yarn Application - Brochure