Automated Lap Change and Piecing System ROBOlap

Precise automated lap change for maximum efficiency
  1. Reduced personnel costs
  2. No waiting times at the comber
  3. Increased efficiency at the comber

Product details

ROBOlap is the unique automated lap change and batt piecing system for Rieter combers. In conjunction with the SERVOlap E 26 and the OMEGAlap E 36, constant operation is possible largely without manual interventions from the operator. 

Laps are pieced up automatically, excess fibers are returned to the cycle and replenishment is requested.


Using the ROBOlap prevents unplanned personnel-related standstills of the comber and shortens the piecing process. It enables operator effort to be reduced to a purely monitoring role. Efficiency is increased by 2% thanks to immediate piecing. Returned fibers optimize the material utilization.


The automated lap change and piecing system ROBOlap guarantees consistent combing around the clock. 

The piecing process of the ROBOlap system leads to measurably better and constant piecing quality compared with manual batt piecing.


The ROBOlap can be installed with all new Rieter combers. It can be retrofitted to the E 90 without any problems. 

  • Comber E 90

    The comber E 90 impresses thanks to its state-of-the-art technology components, increased productivity, and greater flexibility in terms of possible applications. The machine ensures a consistently high yarn quality at low conversion costs.