Maximum Efficiency and Competitiveness over the Entire Life Cycle


Customized spinning systems thanks to a broad range of products and services for every customer requirement: Thus, Rieter offers spinners the chance of maximum profitability and competitiveness – throughout the entire service life of a mill.

The product portfolio of Rieter is unique. It includes all machines for fiber and spinning preparation and all four end-spinning technologies established on the market – the basis for extensive technological expertise from the fiber through to the yarn and beyond to the textile fabric. The advantage is the fact that Rieter customers have just one contact person for their spinning mill project.

Quick assembly and a rapid start to production are guaranteed. Trainings ensure efficient and profitable production and correct maintenance. Interesting upgrades, high-quality genuine parts and service packages for increasing production are a matter of course.

Opting for a Rieter system means that the right yarn can be produced in consistent quality and at a competitive cost, and system integration can be leveraged in terms of material flow and digitization. A Rieter system is much more than the mere combination of great Rieter machines.

  • Fiber preparation

    Perfectly tailored technology from fiber to card sliver. The blowroom line VARIOline is the variable opening and cleaning concept from Rieter. The machines are modular and configuration is tailored to the specific raw material and its properties. The material is opened and cleaned in several stages. Combined with the high-performance card with the maximum technological carding area, the fiber preparation achieves a very good level of raw material utilization and high cost-efficiency. The produced sliver is of high quality.

  • Spinning preparation

    Rieter's comber is highly economical and produces an exceptional combed sliver. Together with the combing preparation, the comber achieves the highest production rate of combed sliver per set on the market. The Rieter draw frames are equipped with proven technology and innovative elements. The autoleveler draw frames are very economical and produce even sliver. The roving frame delivers high-quality roving to the ring spinning machines.

  • Ring spinning

    The ring spinning machines from Rieter produce high-quality yarn reliably and economically. The modular machine concept enables the production of standard and special yarns. With their sophisticated technical solutions, even machines with up to 1 824 spinning positions have a reduced energy consumption. The Rieter doffer impresses with its doffing without underwinding, optimum process reliability and short doffing times. The compacting devices for Rieter ring spinning machines enables simple switching between ring yarn and compact yarn. A piecing robot automates the piecing process on the ring spinning machine.

  • Compact spinning

    Rieter has the right compact-spinning system for everyone. Alongside the proven compact-spinning machines, Rieter offers a variety of compacting devices, which can be installed on conventional Rieter ring spinning machines. They are easy to install and remove, and enable simple switching between ring yarn and compact yarn. In compact spinning, the fibers are compacted prior to spinning and are thereby optimally integrated into the yarn body. Compact yarn produced in this way convinces thanks to its unique yarn characteristics. The flexibility of the solutions is demonstrated in the versatile yarn variations and applications.

  • Rotor spinning

    Rieter rotor spinning machines are both highly productive and extremely flexible. The fully automated rotor spinning machine has state-of-the-art spinning technology and produces premium yarns economically and with low energy consumption. The semi-automated machine has been designed especially for economic yarn production with manual support. An optionally available robot automates package change. Independent machine sides offer maximum flexibility for both machines.

  • Air-jet spinning

    The fully automated Rieter air-jet spinning machine is renowned for its reliable production process with maximum profitability. The unique yarn structure offers great potential for the development of new, innovative products. Technological innovations mean that fabric softness can be adjusted. Two independent machine sides make the machine highly flexible.

  • Automation

    As a system provider, Rieter knows the requirements for spinning-mill systems inside-out in terms of automation and logistics. It goes without saying that the customer's specific wishes have to be respected.

  • Winding

    The Rieter winding machine portfolio fulfills all customer requirements: The Autoconer X6 is the benchmark for cops processing and package rewinding. The SSM precision winding and yarn processing machines fulfil a wide range of customer needs. Always at the cutting edge of technology, the winding machines produce process-optimized packages with adapted characteristics for efficient dyeing, knitting, warping, weaving, twisting or sewing. Customers can choose between different automation levels, between drumless or drum winding, between random, step-precision or precision winding.

  • SSM texturing machine DP5-T


    In the individual filament processing segments, such as air texturing and false twist texturing, the SSM machines are leading in terms of flexibility. A wide variety of filament yarns can be processed for different applications, such as for the car, sewing and clothing industry and for home textiles, technical yarns and carpets. With SSM GIUDICI textile machines, cost-efficient high-grade yarns can be produced thanks to shaft drive technology.