Raw Materials

Innovating to preserve raw materials

Sliver deposit in a can

Rieter technologies ensure that precious raw materials are preserved, and fiber consumption is reduced. They also facilitate the processing of sustainable and recycled fibers. Rieter is advancing innovative solutions so raw materials can be used sustainably, creating value for customers and the planet.

A fiber bundle with white, black, violet and organ fibers

New possibilities with spun-dyed viscose fibers

Another approach to meet the demand for environmentally-friendly textile production is to dye fibers during their manufacture, which is when color pigments are added directly to the spinning solution. The conventional procedure for dyeing textile fabrics, such as knits or wovens, is an expensive process that consumes a lot of water, energy and chemicals.

Close-up of fabric of denim pants

Spinning waste with high efficiency and quality

How can yarn be manufactured out of high amounts of waste and still meet quality requirements? The results of a Rieter study show that the higher the short-fiber content, the better the effect of shortening the spinning process. Because a high short-fiber content in the raw material also increases the risk of uncontrolled drafts or fiber package-build up during spinning preparation.

Comber, one opened combing head, in focus the combed fleece and the top comb

Improving yield by up to 2% with a Rieter system

Customers who opt for a complete Rieter system to spin compact yarn, for example, benefit from a perfectly synchronized spinning mill supplied from one source. A Rieter compact-spinning system achieves raw-material savings of 1 to 2% compared to a mixed one that comprises machines from different manufacturers. In addition to the high yarn quality, waste reduction is a key factor in the compact-spinning of combed cotton and improves resource efficiency.

20 ring spinning machines side by side in a spinning mill, including roving bobbin transport system

Excellent yield in ring spinning

Low raw material loss is achieved in the blowroom line VARIOline thanks to the optimum combination of microtufts, VARIOset function and progressive cleaning. The high-performance cards C 80 with maximum technological cross section and the pre- and post-carding zones that can be equipped individually ensure excellent raw material utilization.