Cutting Energy by 57%: Sapphire's VARIOline ECOrized Success

Alam Zaib Burki, Technical Director

Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, established in 1969, has emerged as one of Pakistan's leading manufacturers and exporters of textile products. The company specializes in producing high-quality ring yarn including combed, carded, blends, Lycra, and special yarns, from cotton to man-made fibers and recycled materials. Beyond its core textile business, Sapphire is committed to making significant strides in renewable energy, emissions reduction, recycling, and circularity. To achieve its sustainability goals and reduce energy costs, Sapphire invested in a blowroom line VARIOline ECOrized from Rieter for one of its fiber preparation lines.

The Challenge

Aligned with its vision of becoming a pioneering, sustainable company, Sapphire recognized the importance of energy savings, especially given the escalating energy prices. Their long-term goal is to reduce energy costs, minimize raw material losses and enhance the working environment for their employees.

The Solution

In 2019, Sapphire made a strategic investment in the blowroom line VARIOline ECOrized, which has consistently met their expectations. This system stands out as the most energy-efficient blowroom line in the market, offering top-tier raw material cleaning while ensuring maximum productivity. The VARIOline ECOrized achieves remarkable energy savings thanks to its intelligent software that dynamically controls fans and adjusts air balance when fiber quantities change, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Additionally, the pre-cleaner UNIclean B 15, of which Sapphire was the first customer, significantly contributes to energy savings.

Moreover, the VARIOline ECOrized promotes predictive maintenance, helping Sapphire to avoid unplanned production downtime and save valuable time and resources.

The Customer’s Benefits

One of the advantages of the VARIOline ECOrized system is its sealed exhaust air pipes, which greatly enhance the blowroom's ambient air quality, creating a more comfortable working environment for operators. In a comparative analysis with their existing VARIOline system without ECOrized option, Sapphire achieved substantial energy savings – the energy consumption has decreased by 57%. These savings are realized across all stages of the blowroom line, making Sapphire's operations more sustainable and cost-effective.

Sapphire Textiles' investment in the VARIOline ECOrized represents a significant step towards their sustainable transformation, reducing energy consumption, minimizing operational disruptions, and creating a safer and more comfortable workplace for their employees.

Sapphire, building upon their positive experience with Rieter’s blowroom line, expanded their investment by incorporating three additional lines. Among these, two feature the VARIOline ECOrized option, each complemented by a UNIclean B 15 pre-cleaner. Furthermore, they added another line equipped with the precision blender UNIblend A 81, specifically dedicated to their synthetic blend production.

We are thrilled with the VARIOline ECOrized. It has revolutionized our operations, making them more efficient and eco-friendly, while also creating a better workplace for our employees. The consistent feeding of material is also resulting in better quality and raw material savings. Convinced by its success, we promptly invested in three more lines after our initial commitment.Alam Zaib Burki, Technical Director

About Sapphire Textile Mills Limited

Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, established in 1969, stands as a leading manufacturer and exporter of textile products in Pakistan. They specialize in producing top-quality ring spinning yarn, ranging from coarse to fine counts, using a wide array of materials, including cotton, man-made fibers, and recycled resources. Beyond their core textile operations, Sapphire is deeply committed to advancing in renewable energy, emissions reduction, recycling, and circularity.

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