Unmatched Fiber Preparation with Card C 80

Burteks Tekstil from Gaziantep, Türkiye, has been a pioneer in yarn production since 1996, consistently striving to enhance their spinning processes. The challenge lies in optimizing the quality and output of diverse yarn types crafted from various raw materials, including man-made fibers, cotton, and blends.

Ensuring consistently high sliver quality and maximizing output in carding remains a central focus for Burteks. The card C 80 forms the basis for high-quality yarns with a remarkable production and excellent sliver properties.

In 2023, Rieter unveiled its latest carding model, the card C 81, building upon the success of the C 80, additionally supported by artificial intelligence with the features Carding Gap Control (CGC) and Trash Level Monitor (TLM).

Explore the achievements of the card C 80 at Burteks in the video:

We feel very close to Rieter and trust in their expertise.Alp Karakayali, Mill Manager at Burteks Tekstil

About Burteks Tekstil

Burteks Tekstil, established in 1996, stands as a premier name in the Turkish textile industry, specializing in high-quality yarn production through its cutting-edge spinning facilities. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and precision, the company's spinning division utilizes advanced machinery, to create a diverse range of top-tier yarns made from different raw materials, including man-made fibers, cotton and blends.