High-Performance Card C 81

Maximum use of carding area enabled by artificial intelligence
  1. Up to 40% more sliver – the most productive card
  2. Unmatched sliver quality thanks to unique technologies
  3. Up to 2% higher yield

Product Details

The card C 81 offers the largest active carding area on the market, supported by artificial intelligence. Carding Gap Control ensures a perfect carding gap in all conditions and thus unlocks the full potential of the 40 active flats. The card C 81 produces up to 40% more than any other card with an excellent sliver quality.

With the unique Trash Level Monitor, the trash level is always under control and fiber yield can be optimized. Sensors in the card infeed and after sliver formation analyze in real-time the material quality. The C 81 is also the most energy-efficient card on the market.


The maximum technological carding area is the basis for increased production up to 40%.

Energy costs are minimized thanks to the high production and thus lower number of cards required, as well as energy-efficient drives and an optimized waste air evacuation system.

The innovative technological cross section combined with the flat clothing HYPERTOP and Trash Level Monitor increase the fiber yield by up to 2%.


Excellent sliver quality is achieved by the 40 active flats and a perfectly controlled carding gap under all conditions by Carding Gap Control.

Trash Level Monitor keeps the sliver quality under control at all times, made possible with real-time trash analysis.

The Integrated Grinding System (IGS) sharpens the clothing automatically with lasting effect. This prolongs the service life of the clothing and ensures a consistently high sliver quality.


When machine conditions change, the Carding Gap Control adjusts the settings independently and ensures always a perfectly controlled carding gap.

Trash Level Monitor with its real-time trash analysis facilitates and accelerates machine optimization to achieve the targeted quality level.

Integrated Q-packages in the pre- and post-carding zone with various inserts allow quick and easy adaptation to new raw material.


High-Performance Card C 81 – Brochure

Autoleveler draw frame module RSB-Module 55 – the new benchmark in process shortening

The direct connection of the card with the new autoleveler draw frame module RSB-Module 55 reduces the number of draw frame passages and improves the efficiency of the spinning mill.

The RSB-Module 55 is based on the proven drive and drafting technology of the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 55. A completely new, contact-free type of scanning technology for autoleveling the fed slivers and monitoring the delivered card sliver guarantees even better card sliver and yarn quality. If the raw material or card sliver weight is changed, no scanning rollers must be replaced. This increases flexibility and reduces costs.

The most important technical and technological highlights:

  • Two draft zones for best yarn evenness
  • Narrow cylinder distances for processing short fiber lengths
  • Up to five-fold total draft comfortably adjustable on the operating unit