Smart and Flexible Service Packages

Helping customers to maximize their carding investment
  1. Four packages for all card clothing applications
  2. Option for customers to manage in-house or use Graf experts
  3. 40 service stations worldwide

Card clothing servicing saves money and enhances quality

Significant cost savings, as well as consistent, homogeneous and reproducible product quality, can all be achieved through timely card clothing servicing. Graf's range of flexible servicing options with global support ensures customers can keep their production performing at the highest level for longer. Meeting the recommended service intervals for components also increases the card clothing lifetime. 

Ultimate flexibilty

Graf offers a high standard of Swiss-engineered service machines. This enables customers to decide whether they want to carry out the service themselves or have the service carried out by Graf experts, while they concentrate on their core business. Four solution packages cover a wide range of applications, with the aim of extending card component lifetime and therefore reducing machine downtimes to a minimum. 

Service package solutions 

1 - Designed for re-winding and grinding/activation of card clothing

Customer benefits

This package resharpens all card clothing, readjusts each tooth back into nearly original condition, which leads to a longer product lifetime. 

RequirementsPurpose of machine 
GAVMetallic wire mounting *)                          
TSG 40-60" pneumatic Traversing grinding device                             
ASG Doffer grinding device 
ROD 35, ROD 35/1 **) Roller mounting rack 

*) incl. DABW, butt welder  **) incl. UAV25 

2 - Equalizing and grinding of flats on card

Customer benefits 

Flat equalizing after 15 t and consistent grinding over the product lifetime, which leads to an optimal carding gap and sharp tooth tips. 

Requirements Purpose of machine 
DSW 40-60" Flat grinding roller 
DEW 40-60" Flat grinding roller 


3 - Flat service in workshop with end shoe milling and clipping of flat bars

Customer benefits 

Flat maintenance for a constant and perfect in-shape and newly clipped flat sets, ensuring consistent quality. 

Requirements Purpose of machine 
DAM 35Flex flat 2-in-1 machine for clipping and stripping 
DSM 20/1 Flat grinding machine           
DKF 10 Flat end milling machine               
ESM 150 Easy shoe milling machine 


4 - For startup, provides all services needed to put flat card back into operation

Customer benefits 

Smooth card restart and optimum conditions to achieve the desired quality.

Requirements Purpose of machine 
Service technician  Final setting and re-start 



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