Draw Frame Enhancements

Highest delivery speed and superb sliver evenness thanks to dedicated spare parts and modules
  1. High productivity
  2. High delivery speed
  3. Superb sliver evenness


If the draw frame has come of age and some repairs are due, an overhaul strategy is key. In this case, Rieter recommends upgrading the SERVOmotor, the sensors and the fibre touching parts to optimize production, reduce downtime and save maintenance costs. 


New SERVOdrive without gearbox

This upgrade package is an adaptation of the latest drafting system generation as used in the RSB-D 50. It replaces the M90 servo motor and gearbox with the new all-in-one SERVOdrive. 

Customer values 

  • Fast in response, simple in operation
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the elimination of the differential gearbox
  • Upgrade installation takes a work day
  • No software update required
  • Belts can be re-used
  • No special tools necessary

Wear-Free And Reliable Sensors

B91 EVO on the scanning


Highly accurate sliver scanning and precise control of drafting system speed is the key to an optimum sliver quality.

Customer values

  • Control leveling system for consistent sliver quality
  • Bearingless, magnetic scanning
  • Wear-free system for longer service lifetime  
  • Resistant to dirt, shocks and vibration
B92 EVO on the main shaft


The B92 EVO sensor measures the speed of the main shaft. The main shaft is connected to the main motor, which provides the constant speed to the entire system. This is also used to derive the speed of the SERVOdrive for leveling the sliver.

Customer values

  • Control main motor speed for consistent output
  • Sensor already included in the SERVOdrive upgrade
  • Bearingless, magnetic scanning
  • Wear-free system for longer service lifetime 
  • Resistant to dirt, shocks and vibration
B2 EVO on the calander discs


The B2 EVO+ package contains the B200 belt monitor and the B2 EVO speed sensor. Together they ensure the function of the calander discs at the end of the drafting zone.

Customer values 

  • Continuous good sliver quality
  • Increased sensor lifetime and robustness as sensor is moved away from rotating parts
  • Fast belt breakdown detection with the belt monitor B200 and immediate shutdown of the draw frame to avoid production of faulty sliver

Coilers Upgrades

CLEANcoil coiler


CLEANcoil is the standard coiler for all fiber materials and therefore offers maximal flexibility. The spiral coiling tube ensures coiling, which is free of drafting faults, even at high delivery speeds. A unique surface finish with a honeycomb structure reliably prevents deposits on the underside of the coiler.

Customer values

  • Extended cleaning intervals and therefore longer operating time
  • No coiler surface deposits and therefore perfect sliver laydown
  • Precise, consistent coiling quality and good downstream processing
CLEANtube control


The CLEANtube is an optional control of the coiler drive that prevents trash particles and short fibers accumulating in the sliver duct by periodic cleaning intervals. 

Customer values

  • Manual removal of the fibre mouse from the can is no longer necessary, as the cleaning cycle continuously and reliably cleans the sliver duct
  • Quality assurance through automation. Process lowers yarn defects which maintain high production efficiency and high yarn quality

Top Rollers

Top rollers mounted on the weighting arm

This upgrade comprises an improved axle and bearing system that fits perfectly into the existing mounts and uses the same cots as the previous top rollers.

Customer values

  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning cost  due to the long-lasting lubricated bearings
  • Constant and clean sliver quality
  • High performance bearing system


Detachable Clearer Lips

The top and bottom clearer lips in the draw frame drafting zone are critical to ensure consistent quality and uninterrupted
machine operation. The clearer lips support the effective removal of micro dust and short fibers that are stuck to the top
and bottom rollers and pass them on through the suction system to avoid lapping on the rollers.

Customer values

  • Consistently high sliver and yarn quality
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Sustainable solution
  • Extended lifetime due to high quality material


Optimizing draw frame performance

Draw frames play a key role in every spinning mill in determining the quality of the yarn. To keep the quality of sliver and yarn consistently high and achieve high machine productivity, maintenance of the draw frame is of utmost importance.