Parts and Maintenance

Original parts for any Rieter machinery, from classic to the newest generation, throughout the complete life cycle.
  1. Uncompromising quality
  2. Rapid delivery from central and local warehouses
  3. Available for the entire spinning equipment

Restoring original quality

Rieter offers original parts for any short staple spinning machinery, from fiber preparation to end spinning. 

Combing nipper

Rieter nippers are adapted exactly to the combers and ensure smooth processing of batt weights of up to 80 g/m. High-precision clamping of the lap in combination with the optimized motion of the circular and top combs results in ideal combing action across the entire range of nip rates.

Customer values

  • Output increased by up to 15% compared to nippers from other suppliers
  • Controlled processing of batt weights of up to 80 g/m possible
  • Reduction in noil content of up to 2% compared to older generation nippers or from other suppliers
  • 1-2% saving of raw material of good fibers

Clip-on pressure bar

The pressure bar in the comber drafting system is an important fiber guidance element. It helps to improve the regularity of the combed sliver by also enabling the rather shorter fibers to be guided accurately. Thanks to its clip-on function, the pressure bar by Rieter is quickly removed and installed.

Customer values

  • Shorter machine downtimes
  • Easy handling
  • Pressure bar can be removed and installed without tools


The CLEANcoil is an innovative coiler with patented honeycomb structure prevent deposits of finishing agent on the underside of the coiler by synthetic fibers.  Two versions are available: the CLEANcoil for all applications and CLEANcoil-PES for 100 % synthetic fibers.

Customer values

  • Extended cleaning intervals and therefore longer operating time
  • Higher can capacity due to neat sliver coiling
  • Extension of the cleaning cycle from 100 to 800 %, depending on the polyester fibre used

Circular5030 Combs

Upgrading with the circular comb 5030 increases the combing area by 23%. With its new clamping hub design, circular combs with 90 or 111 degrees can be installed and the comber can run with max. 400 nips/min.

Customer Values

  • Higher quality for long-staple cotton
  • Lower risk of broken screw on counterweight
  • Raw material flexibility with new clamping hub
  • Same yarn quality by equal noil and higher production of 14% against competitors

Draw Frame Enhancements

If the draw frame has come of age and some repairs are due, an overhaul strategy is key. In this case, Rieter recommends upgrading the SERVOmotor, the sensors and the fiber touching parts to optimize production, reduce downtime and save maintenance costs.

Customer Values

  • High productivity and delivery speed
  • Superb sliver evenness

Detachable Clearer Lips

The top and bottom clearer lips in the draw frame drafting zone are critical to ensure consistent quality and uninterrupted
machine operation. The clearer lips support the effective removal of micro dust and short fibers that are stuck to the top
and bottom rollers and pass them on through the suction system to avoid lapping on the rollers.

Customer values

  • Consistently high sliver and yarn quality
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Sustainable solution
  • Extended lifetime due to high quality material