Polyurethane Texturing Discs

Highest stability for the texturing process
  1. Highest quality even at high texturing speeds
  2. Optimization of yarn path geometry
  3. Compliance with tight tolerances during production

Product Details

Through developing polyurethane (PU) materials, optimizing the yarn geometry, adhering to tight manufacturing tolerances and ensuring strict quality control, Temco's PU texturing discs have set a new benchmark worldwide.

As pacemaker in the development of PU texturing discs Temco discs keep on setting new milestones in friction disc technology. The texturing experts are in close cooperation with universities and technology leaders in the textile industry. In-house research and development facilities include texturing machines with different profiles and heater types and a complete textile laboratory. The product portfolio offers the most suitable texturing discs with a range of thickness and diameters to satisfy all commonly used texturing units. Different shore hardness and shape can be selected to get the best results for the specific yarn range and processes.


The friction between the yarn and the disc surface is key in achieving the torque level and consistency required for high twist insertion rates. Temco's PU texturing discs meet these friction requirements and consistently handle the yarn with care during the twist insertion process. That is why the quality of the textured yarn is better than used with alternative hard disc materials.

By using state-of-the-art production and quality assurance methods in disc manufacturing, Temco ensures the discs’ consistency in rotational concentricity even at maximum speeds. Disc profiles, surface characteristics and spin finish resistance are controlled with utmost care as well. As a result, customers know they will get a highly stable texturing process at increased speeds, delivering higher bulk levels together with excellent yarn elongation properties and a lower tendency to filamentation. As a result, process speeds of more than 1 200 m/min can be achieved.

Area of application

PU texturing discs are used for a wide range of polyester (PES), polyamide (PA) and polypropylen (PP) yarns as well as new yarn types like Corterra. They are also used for microfilament yarns and for yarns having various filament cross-sections, e.g. multilobal.

The latest developments harness long-standing experience in disc manufacturing, filament processing and ongoing research and development. PU texturing discs achieve perfect air flow between the discs which ultimately improves heat transfer.

The long-term experience in disc manufacturing, filament processing and ongoing research and development are the origin of the latest development. The PU texturing discs realize a perfect air flow between the discs what finally results in an improved heat transfer.


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