Automated Air-Jet Spinning Machine J 70

Flexible production with autonomous spinning units
  1. Highly-efficient and stable yarn production
  2. Up to 50% higher fiber yield
  3. Simultaneous production of four lots on one machine

Product Details

The revolutionary double-sided air-jet spinning machine J 70 with up to 200 autonomous spinning units and four robots allows production speeds at unmatched 600 m/min. Newly developed technology components provide increased delivery speeds in all applications.

The VARIOlot option offers maximum flexibility to simultaneously spin four lots with independent settings at a time on one machine (two per machine side).

Further reduced energy consumption, highest fiber yield and a low space requirement significantly reduce the overall yarn manufacturing costs.


200 individually automated spinning positions, four robots and delivery speeds of up to 600 m/min ensure independent, economical yarn production. A high level of yarn breaks at high speeds is mastered with ease, and productivity is kept stable.

With the air-Jet spinning machine J 70, production costs are significantly reduced thanks to decreased energy consumption and up to 50% higher fiber yield compared to the competition.

Newly developed technology components set new benchmarks in air-jet spinning, allowing an unparalleled increase in delivery speed across all applications.


The J 70 raises yarn quality to a high level. The new generation yarn clearer Q 30A enables optimal setting of the cleaner limits to make sure that only top-quality yarn makes it onto the package and into downstream processing.

The modified twist element significantly reduces the risk of producing weak yarns. The building of packages with smooth unwinding behavior was made possible by further improving the winding on the J 70. With delivery speeds reaching 600 m/min, hard packages with high weight as well as dye packages can be produced directly on the air-jet spinning machine.


Highest Flexibility is given through the VARIOlot software option. Two lots per machine side can be spun independently and up to four lots simultaneously on one machine.

With the new generation yarn clearer Q 30A, spinning mills gain a novel kind of flexibility to respond to any changes. The Q 30A is available with the options “foreign fiber” and “weak yarn detection” – which can also be retrofitted later without having to replace the yarn clearer.

Step precision winding allows producing dye packages directly on the J 70 and also high weight packages with a tight diameter, which reduce transport costs.


  • ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

    ESSENTIAL provides fact based optimization proposals, key performance indicators and even predicts downtime risks. This powerful tool supports management activities with comprehensive and clearly arranged digital analytics. With ESSENTIAL, it is possible to unlock the full range of digital value creation possibilities for the spinning mill.


Com4 yarns

Yarns for the most exacting requirements that ensure competitiveness in a dynamic market are Com4 yarns. Spun on Rieter ring, compact, rotor or air-jet spinning machines the Com4 yarns are characterized by excellent quality. Rieter customers profit from optimized production costs and good selling outlets.


Automated Air-Jet Spinning Machine J 70 – Brochure

Machine Specifications


Yarn count [Ne]

16 - 70

Raw material

Combed cotton, cellulosic fibers, blends of combed cotton with cellulose, blends of combed cotton with polyester (PES ≤ 65%), blends of cellulose with PES (PES ≤ 80%)


Delivery speed [m/min]

up to 600


Number of spinning units

up to 200

Number of robots

2, 4

Machine concept

Double-sided machine with sectional structure

Drive concept

Individual drives for each spinning and winding unit

Traversing system

Traversing of sliver and yarn in the drafting zone by 3 – 4 mm

Package dimension

Cylindrical packages up to 300 mm in diameter and 4.5 kg weight