Piecing Robot ROBOspin

Consistent machine performance with minimal personnel deployment
  1. Significantly reduced personnel requirements
  2. Consistently high machine performance
  3. Rapid repair of ends down

Product details

ROBOspin is the piecing robot for Rieter ring and compact-spinning machines. One robot per machine side repairs ends down that occur while the machine is running or during doffing. The robot receives information about the position of the ends down from the integrated individual spindle monitoring (ISM). 


One ROBOspin on each side of the machine guarantees rapid repair of ends down. Using the robot therefore reduces personnel requirements during the end spinning process and significantly reduces the personnel cost. In addition, the robot operates 24 hours a day, maintains a consistently high level of productivity and makes the spinning process easier for the spinning mill organization as a whole. 


The automated piecing process ensures consistent quality of the yarn piecer. With minimal contact between the robot and the cop throughout the entire piecing process, the yarn quality remains high.


ROBOspin can be installed on different types of Rieter ring and compact-spinning machines, and on both new and older models. It can also be rapidly adjusted to common raw materials and yarn counts.


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Machine specifications


Piecings per hour

up to 80 fully automated piecers
Compressed air7 bar required
Compressed-air consumption6.8 m3/per hour and robot
Installed power2 x 0.96 kW


Number of robots1 ROBOspin per machine side
Machine width with ROBOspin1 586 mm