Parts and Maintenance

Original parts for any Rieter machinery, from classic to the newest generation, throughout the complete life cycle.
  1. Uncompromising quality
  2. Rapid delivery from central and local warehouses
  3. Available for the entire spinning equipment

Restoring original quality

Rieter offers original parts for any short staple spinning machinery, from fiber preparation to end spinning. 


The high quality cots Ri-Q-Cots enable outstanding yarn quality and consistent performance throughout the entire lifetime. Grinding characteristics of the cots are favorable which means that shore hardness is retained even after grinding, leading to virtually trouble-free operation over a long period. 

Customer values

  • Superior running properties
  • Long service life
  • Original equipment on Rieter machines


As a key component of the drafting zone, the Ri-Q-Bridge achieves the best yarn quality by better fiber guiding between aprons and better movement of the aprons, resulting in better CV%.

Customer values

  • Improvement in yarn quality
  • Very stable running behavior
  • Man-made fiber package available


Ri-Q-Aprons stand for long service life and excellent quality. They feature great wear resistance characteristics, even under extreme conditions, which results to enhanced lifetime. The Ri-Q-Aprons are also recognized for their flexibility, allowing consistent quality over time. No matter what raw material or yarn count is spun, Rieter offers a wide range of different Ri-Q-Aprons to fulfill even the most stringent requirements.

Customer values

  • High running performance
  • Long lifetime

Bottom rollers

With a diameter of 30mm instead of the regular 27, the bottom roller by Rieter counteracts the build-up of fiber lap, especially with long fibers.

Customer values

  • Reduced build-up of the fiber lapping
  • Higher productivity
  • High precision

Air guide elements

By means of the precise and constant air flow with the suction inserts Bright and Bright-Twin, the fibers are optimally integrated in the fiber package. The improved air flow prevents deposits of dust and fiber particles. This results in a fully compacted yarn at all times.

Customer values

  • Flexibility no matter what raw material is spun

Suction drum system

The suction drum system is the only compacting system that offers high machine efficiency without extensive maintenance and cleaning. Two different suction drums are available, one featuring a fluted surface and the other featuring a smooth surface. The selection of the suction drums depends on the yarn count produced.

Customer values

  • High machine efficiency
  • Lower maintenance required

Doffer Kit

Frequent and repeated maintenance of the doffer as well as checking and resetting the system has a significant impact on the machine efficiency, especially in the mid and long-term. If the doffing cycle is delayed, for instance due to an elongated servo disc belt, the productivity of the spinning machine will drop and impact costs.

Customer values 

  • Improving productivity with maintenance kit
  • Keeping doffing cycle time consistently low
  • Increasing machine lifetime
  • Doffing smoothly and at all time

Gripper Membrane

The gripper membrane is an integral part of the gripper assembly. During each doffing operation, the gripper membrane will inflate and deflate to pick up and drop the cops in its position.

Customer values

  • Improved material properties for extended lifetime
  • Consistently low doffing cycle time
  • Increased productivity